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INDECS is here to make your life easier, so there’s no need to worry about finding hidden costs or charges - we are completely upfront about what our service costs, and we’re confident our prices and service offer unbeatable value. You are also not tied into any contract with us.

Using our system has the following simple charging structure: £0.40 transaction cost + 3.5% per paid ticket UK + UK VAT @ 20%

We understand that when it comes to monetary transactions, trust and reliability are key so we are delighted to be partnered with Stripe for all payment processing through INDECS. Stripe is renowned worldwide for its battle-tested reliability - systems operate with 99.99% uptime and are certified to the highest compliance standards.

What’s more, when your event is free of charge to attendees, our ticketing service is too! That’s right, if your attendees are not paying for their tickets, then using INDECS is a cost-free service for you.

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Please contact us to discuss the Premium plan in further detail.

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